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As your mediator or arbitrator, I will bring my 40 years of litigation experience in cases such as yours… auto accidents, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, nursing home neglect, commercial litigation, estate litigation and collection matters.

In those many years and through those thousands of cases, I have developed expertise and learned to appreciate the issues of each case. As we determine value of  a case and examine the issues presented for litigation, we gain a better perspective of its value from both sides of the table.

As your mediator, I will discuss the issues with both sides of a claim identifying the strongest issues for each side, the weakest issues for each side and present a balancing test to resolve the dispute.

If you are interested in mediating to a reasonable settlement, I will use my skills in order to help your clients understand the benefit of a resolution  through this process based on a clear understanding of the issues presented and your likelihood of success versus failure.

As your Arbitrator, I will focus on the strengths of your case and work to gain justice for your client.

Please contact me today to schedule your mediation or arbitration.

Call 813.856.9323 or email 

Anthony T. Martino

Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney

Certified Mediator and Arbitrator

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